Foundation for Educational Excellence Trustees
Dave Hall President
Julie Bowald  Vice President
Elisha Bachman Secretary
Tiffany Meier Treasurer
Marion Kennel  Trustee
Cathy Pribble Trustee
Jennifer Hessing Trustee
Travis Barnes BOE Member
Jim Sickinger Trustee
Marty Payne MGS Superintendent

Purpose of Metamora Grade School Foundation for Educational Excellence

In 1991, Metamora Grade School began to see a troubling trend. There wasn't enough money available to provide students with all the tools they need to learn about today's world. The high costs of education coupled with cuts in state and federal funding were taking their toll on the staff and students at Metamora Grade. In fact, School Board members were forced to make tough decisions and cut costs in the district. But instead of simply cutting costs, board members also began looking for ways to pay for the educational extras they knew students needed to learn effectively. They started looking beyond the traditional funding sources and discovered educational foundations. The non-profit, tax-exempt educational foundations are hardly a new idea. But with the shortage of state funding sources and the need to rely more heavily on local tax dollars, foundations started filtering into the public school system. The Metamora Grade School Foundation for Educational Excellence was founded on the principal that our children are our community's and our country's most precious resource. Our children are also entitled to the finest education available. And to that end, money raised through initial fund-raising drives purchased a CD Rom computer system, a video laser disc system, a message board and an outdoor education shelter at the school. All of those educational extras wouldn't have been possible without the support of parents, businesses and residents of the Metamora Grade School community. In most recent years, the Foundation generously donated $15,000 to update our PC lab and contributed $15,000 for the MGS Playground renovation. Each year the Foundation sponsors a Spring Carnival. Proceeds from the Carnival are used to provide mini-grants to teachers for innovative teaching materials for the classroom. Most years the Carnival raises in excess of $10,000 for these grants. The mission of the foundation is to generate financial and human resources for the purpose of providing Metamora Grade School with programs and other projects designed to enhance and expand the quality of education and learning opportunities available to students. The foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who are dedicated to serving the goals of educational excellence. The foundation works in partnership with the district School Board but it operates independently of the school district. The Board of Trustees determines guidelines for Foundation activities, selects target projects and dispenses funds. All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible and those gifts are put to work for maximum benefit in promoting educational excellence at Metamora Grade School. Members of the Foundation Board of Trustees welcome new ideas for projects for the Foundation and have implemented a continuing endowment fund which is used to carry on special projects through the years. The Metamora Grade School Foundation for Education Excellence is truly a partnership between the school district, the community and local businesses. But more importantly, it is a partnership and a commitment from the community to the children of Metamora Grade School.

Funded by the MGS Foundation
Classroom SMART Boards
Computer Multimedia Projection
Digital Cameras
Science Kits
Classroom Newspapers
Learning Games
Dry-Erase Boards
Theatre Productions
Cooking Supplies
Hands-On Science Materials
Dance Presenters
Accelerated Reader Incentives
Microscope Slide Specimens
Classroom Sets of Books
Supplementary Algebra
International Tour Supplies
Character Education Supplies
Memory Garden
Instructional Videos
CD Players
Field Trips
Take Home Reading Packets
Pedometers for Good Health
Recorders, Cassettes and Headsets
Reading/Math Enrichment Materials
Classroom Map Mural
Leveled Readers
Computer Software